Type Of Home Loan

Home Purchase loan: This is the loan that one takes for purchasing a home

Home improvement loan: This loan covers expenditure related to repairs of your home or even renovation.

Home construction loan: This loan comes in handy when you are building a new house.

Land purchase loan: Someone wishing to buy a plot of land for constructing his/her own house can avail this loan

Home Extension loan: Suppose you plan to add another room, garage, bathroom or kitchen to your home. This is the loan that you should apply for and this also comes in handy if you are planning to have another floor

Joint Home loan: These are loans taken by two people or even more. For instance, spouse can apply for a joint home loan.

Home loan Balance transfer: You can use this mechanism to switch your outstanding loan amount to a different lender with better terms and conditions and lower interest.

Top up home loan: This kind of loan helps you borrow some more money above the outstanding loan amount.

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